God sent me here!

God sent me here!

God sent me here ... He really did! 

I prayed for direction for my life, and He sent me on this crazy, fun, exciting (and sometimes frustrating ... cuz ... technology!), and faith-filled journey to start creating Christian-based and Christian-friendly products and designs that will help draw people to closer to Him. 

He put that mission on my heart:  To draw people closer to God.

So here I am ... trying to figure out this technology stuff, setting up a store and crazy behind-the-scenes-stuff (like lists and segments and flows and DNS Records-they're the worst!) which at times has taken me forever and a day to figure out. 

But the store is up and running, I think the technology stuff is starting to run more smoothly (I could use lots of prayers for help with that), and we're ready to start sharing and growing. Grace Market Online is now live and real!

And I'm designing more products for the store all the time. That's the really FUN part for me. Listening for His voice and ideas and then making them real. Time disappears when I'm lost in the designing world. 

I hope you'll follow along as we embark on this journey. 


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