Cell phone with case that says Believe in Miracles with a cross and green leaf wreath at the bottom, sitting on a desk by a laptop, plants, and notebooks.

Probably 100 times a day ...

Trying to stay positive, but ...
As a Christian, I like to think I always stay positive. But the truth is, I get frustrated. Sometimes really frustrated. With people. With circumstances. And it's easy to forget who's REALLY in charge in this life. Dozens of times a day I look at my cell phone - probably 100 times a day - to check a text or an email, post on social media, listen to a podcast, watch a video or a reel, shop for groceries, check on a bill ... you know. ALL. The. Things.
iPhone covers help me stay positive
That's why I designed Christian iphone covers ... so that now ... when I look at my cell phone, I'm not just getting caught up in all the worldly stuff, and I'm not allowing myself to get sucked into any kind of negativity. I'm looking at my iphone cover when I pick it up and using it as a reminder - of my faith, of the God who can do all things, to Believe in Miracles, the He always provides, that my faith is stronger than my fear, not to get discouraged ... all of that from looking at a little reminder on my iphone cover as I go to pick it up.
This one says BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Some of the others say FAITH OVER FEAR. And FAITH MOVES MOUNTAINS ... and more Christian iphone cover designs are coming soon. (Custom orders/requests are welcome! Let me design a Christian iphone cover that keeps you focused on the positive message you need to hear for your phone and your life!)
Put your iphone cover to work for you, keeping you positive and focused on the things that REALLY matter in this world! 
TIP:  If you have a BLACK iphone, cut a piece of white or colored paper the size of your cell phone and cut out for the camera and slip it into the case before you put it onto your phone so your design really pops!
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