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We love Jesus. 

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Could a stranger tell you're Christian from looking at your home? Your clothing? The gifts you give?

Clothing. Gifts. Home decor. 

Draw closer to JESUS!

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Grace Market Online ... The SHORT VERSION:

We are a small family-owned business in Merrill, Wisconsin, in the USA ... real people reading your emails, suggestions for new products (we LOVE getting those), and take your feedback to heart. 

We are Christians ... focused on being real and authentic, selling high quality products that can help you - or the recipient of the gifts you buy for your loved ones here - to grow closer to God. That's our mission. 

We love creating UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE designs and products we hope you will also LOVE.

Our store is directly toward women - because let's face it, they are usually the shoppers and the gift shoppers in the family! But if you're a man, there are lots of great clothing, home decor, and gift options here for you, too! Welcome!



THE LONG VERSION - if you have time for a longer read.

A little about more about what we do and sell ... The Mom in this family-owned business is pretty much the shopper in the family. She does the grocery shopping and buys the toilet paper. She buys family clothing, even most of her husband's clothes (unless it's hunting clothes - then he's cool with buying his own stuff, but picking up new t-shirts or jeans because the other ones are all raggedy -  yeah, he doesn't want to do that). She's the family gift buyer - for every occasion year round:  birthdays, Easter baskets, anniversaries, wedding showers and wedding gifts, baby showers and new baby gifts, Christmas, the whole nine yards. She is also the one who decorates and styles the family home. We all know the husband doesn't care what kind of pillows are on the couch, but she does. And she's kind of particular about the look and feel of their entire living space.

The malls are long gone, there are a limited number of actual stores to shop in, and this Mom got totally frustrated wandering the aisles of the big box stores (we won't name them, but you all know who/what we mean) to find really nice, unique, high-quality, genuine, heartfelt gifts that she wants to buy for special occasions. And she wanted to find gift ideas that fit with her values and not just pop culture junk. She especially just wanted to find gifts that were nice and unique and high quality and not the same old, same old.

She also wanted to decorate her home with cool home decor that wasn't just the same old stuff everyone else had from the big box store. She wanted her own look and feel, kind of a blend of the trends and her own taste and her faith all mixed together.

Now this Mom was already super busy, employed full-time, and dealing with all the normal wife, mom, and grandma stuff ... but she decided to start creating her own stuff - gifts and clothing and home decor - the kind of stuff she was looking for in the stores and couldn't find. The cool gifts she wanted to give to the people she loved. The home decor she wanted to surround herself with in her living room and bedrooms and kitchen. The cool clothing she wanted to wear or buy for her family.

And then (quite honestly) she got a little carried away. And started designing more home decor and clothing and creating more stuff than she could possibly use or give away as gifts or put into her own home. So a business was born, a business she hopes will resonate with other women like her.  

That's kind of Grace Market Online in a nutshell. This Mom started praying about it and learning everything she could get her hands on about starting an online business and ... with God's blessing, Grace Market Online became a reality. And here we are. The rest of the family pitches in where needed, but let's be honest, most of this business is the Mom working behind the scenes. 

So that's us ...

If you're looking for anything in particular - for yourself or your home or a gift - please email us and let us know! We also offer custom products and take custom orders by request. We really do mean it when we say we love your ideas and will do what we can to find the gifts and home decor you want to buy! So if you see something in our store, but you just wish it was "insert your wish here," email us and we will see what we can do to create exactly what you're looking for!

And we'd love it if you would join our email community, too! We want to get to know you and share all the news about Grace Market Online with you as we follow this journey of faith into the world of e-commerce via our newsletter ... and occasional surprises in your email box. Please sign up here if you haven't already!